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F.L.A.M.E Productions Inc. is a Design and Production Company, consisting of different subsidiaries in the areas of Fashion, Graphic Design, Music, Technology Innovations and Philanthropy. Our office is located in the city of Chicago.


F.L.A.M.E Productions Inc. is the parent company of the Luvell Stepter BrandCuzzo ClothingF.L.A.M.E Graphic Design  , Pleasant Words &  F.L.A.M.E Branding


Each letter in our company's name stands for the quality, service and the results we produce in our company and our products. 

Fundamentals - We don't believe in cutting corners. We build ideas and projects from the ground up. We believe that hard work will give you the desired results for your project.

Leadership - We believe in being leaders in all that we do and trailblazing a path for generations to come.


Aspiration - We aspire to be the best, and it is our goal to inspire others to be their best.

Motivation - We are motivated and excited to help change the world with our products and services.

Excellence - Excelling to do the best and give you the best in all that we do.


We look forward to providing you with premium services at competitive prices. It is our goal to build long lasting relationships and partnerships, to help you start,  grow and expand your brand and business for years to come.


At F.L.A.M.E Productions we solve problems and look forward to helping you, EXPRESS YOURSELF & TELL YOUR STORY...

Welcome to the Family

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