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It has always been one of my goals to help new

entreprenuers and business owners excel in their respective fields.


As an entrepreneur, I know the pitfalls and obstacles most face on their road to financial success and brand building.


Whether its building a personal brand or a brand for a new start-up, I have gathered over 10,000 hours of valuable information and tools to help even the most unlearned business owner take the necessary steps to living their purpose.


"Building Your Brand" is one of the many resources I developed to help the novice entrepreneur. After recieving numorous emails and messages about starting a business, I decided to create F.L.A.M.E BRANDING to help entreprenuers and business owners start, maintain, and fulfill their business goals.

Take a look around the website and take advantage of our useful tools and services to help you achieve your business success. 


President F.L.A.M.E Productions Inc./

Brand Building Strategist

Luvell Stepter Founder of F.L.A.M.E Branding

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