F.L.A.M.E Branding video workshops

The BUILDING YOUR BRAND video workshops highlight various areas taught in the book. The videos and the book go hand in hand, giving entreprenuers a deeper insight on branding principles for the startup and development of their brand.

Workshop 1

"The Basics"

. What is your passion?

. Business Star-tup Tools

. PDF Starter Kit Download

F.L.A.M.E TV workshop 1

Workshop 2

"The Start-up"

. Change Your Thinking

. Change Your Environment

. Vision Board

. What Are You Good At?

. Business Plan

. Manufacturing

. Proof of Concept

. Online Resources

. Products / Tools/ Downloads

F.L.A.M.E TV workshop 2
F.L.A.M.E TV workshop 3

Workshop 3

"Building Your Brand"

. Building Your Brand

. Identity: Logo/Business Card/Website

. Trademark. Copyright. Patent

. Increasing Your Sales

. Mastering Social Media

. The Power Of Testimonials

. Fail Your Way To Success

. Products / Tools / Downloads



Good for the serious brand builder looking to take their brand to the next level! All materials electronic and physical. Recieve exclusive weekly brand building tips.

Branding Bundle 

* Electronic PDF Book Download

* Elec. Video Workshops 1-3 

* Brand Building Downloads & Forms

* Hardcover book

* Audio Workshops 1-3

* Exclusive weekly training videos

* 30 min 1on1 skype consultation

** All physical books will be mailed after your payment has been processed.